Leadership is the art of knowing when to bow, when to stand tall and when to dance with others

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Tall Trees empowers children, teenagers and adults with the aid of personal and leadership profiles, workshops and training by developing a greater understanding of who they are as individuals, family members and colleagues, as well as to grow in all these relationships.

Tall Tree Philosophy

All people can be leaders provided they make their unique contribution at the right time and in the right place, and allow others to do the same. Leadership is the art of knowing when to bow, when to stand tall and when to dance with others. It is a fact that leaders do not always lead from the front. In the workplace, therefore, leadership training is not meant only for top and mid-level managers but for every member of the team. In schools, leadership training is very effective for all learners in order to acquire “soft skills” to promote cooperation and the knowledge of their unique leadership situations where they should step up. Everyone has a sphere of influence.

The Tall Tree Profiles

Tall Trees never puts people in a box! Every individual is made up of a unique blend of the four tree types to render one of 14 Tree Type Profiles. In the three dimensional approach of the Tall Trees Profile Tests, it means that there are 14 x 14 x 14 possible outcomes! Only 1 in every 2744 people will receive a Tall Trees signature that looks like yours.

Boxwood Tree

Planned and punctual – are the quality controllers. They believe there is one right way to do everything and they strive to follow it. They are thoughtful and sensitive and prefer advance notice of changes. Like pruned trees, they can be molded to perfection.

Pine Tree

Peace-loving and patient – are usually introverted and all about team and family harmony. They are content to let others go first and take the risks. They will be steady co-workers who provide safe places and listening ears. Like nature’s pine trees, they provide shade.

Palm Tree

Playful and positive – are jovial individuals with a love for people and the exciting opportunities life offers. Usually extroverted, they are the life of the party and the out-of-the-box entrepreneurs. Like palm trees in Hawaii, they are a picture of good times.

Rose Bush

Prickly but productive – are born pioneers who tend to lead the way their way. Fast, independent and determined, they ensure that nobody stagnates. Their roses are proof of their achievements, while their thorns represent their painful honesty.

Wilko Kunz – Tall Trees Facilitator

Wilko is the presiding shepherd of the Living Word Hibiscus Coast congregation. He is a devoted husband, father and teacher with a passion for helping people.

He is an accredited facilitator in the use of the Tall Trees Temperament Profiles and Workshops. 

Fields of expertise:

  • Leadership profiling for adults, teenagers, children and corporates
  • Marriage profiling
  • Parenting profiling

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