It is sometimes very difficult to come up with new ideas for a date with your wife, keeping in mind that one of her love needs are companionship… for those of us that are slow on the uptake. She wants your friendship! I recent study showed the number one factor for longevity (a long life) is not eating healthy or regular excise but meaningful relationships. There is no better place to start than with your best friend, your wife!

That said, this dating tip is one that you can circle around to every so often.


I love Scalextric and have a 50m track, all be it packed in boxes at the moment, I really enjoy to show it to my friends, and appreciate it when they take an interest in my hobby. There is the key to this dating tip. Take an interest in her hobby, take interest in what makes her happy, and recharges her.

Maybe your wife likes to do gardening or scrapbooking, photography, or embroidery. Maybe she does not have a hobby but has shared her interest in ornithology (bird watching), but has never got to it. Maybe the finances have not been there to support her hobby or interest.

That is even better because most of us can afford a book on almost any topic! You can buy her a book or go on a visit to a nursery or photography studio to show her that you are interested in her hobby. That is a date that will blow her mind. She will receive it as you are interested in her as a person, a friend.

If she has a hobby, make a date and ask her to share that with you. She could show you her latest photo’s or you could plant some new flowers with her. GO and be her Hubby that takes an interest in her hobby!

In Preparation:

  • Put your phone on flight mode.
  • Make a date for the date
  • Arrange a baby sitter if needed

Making the date great:

  • Get a gift if you can.
  • Take a photo together.

Taking the conversation to her.

Level one: Playing it safe:
  • What are the few things I do that refresh you?
  • Tell me about the best vacation you ever had.

Level two: Not so safe:

  • Do you feel that I spend enough of my free time with you?
  • Describe two of your favorite memories of things we’ve done together

Level three: Getting a back bone:

  • What book can we read together?
  • Who is your closest friend now and why?

Level four: Becoming a man:

Describe three wats we can enjoy each other more.

Level five: Being a man:

What kinds of unexpected things might I do to spice up our relationship?

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