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Sunday Service: Real Hope

Sunday Service: Real Hope

I want to encourage you this morning. I really, really want to come and give you a message of hope today.

Hobby Hubby – Dating Tips

Hobby Hubby – Dating Tips

It is sometimes very difficult to come up with new ideas for a date with your wife, keeping in mind that one of her love needs are companionship... for those of us that are slow on the uptake. She wants your friendship! I recent study showed the number one factor for...

Day 55 of Lockdown – Will you stand up?

In the face of adversity it takes bravery to stand up. Will you have the courage to stand up for Jesus. Will you stand up?

Day 54 of Lockdown – Called or Driven?

Day 54 of Lockdown – Called or Driven?

Jesus calls us, this world wants to drive us. would you say you are called or driven. The good shepherd calls us to green pastures. Called or Driven?

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